Wearing my Bodyfit again

I decided I should start wearing my Bodyfit armband again. It is a great tool and it’s silly that I haven’t been using it! It should help keep my eating and exercise in check and keep up my motivation!

Posted Nov 6, 11

Learning to run

Today’s task was to find and watch some training videos on YouTube with tips on running techniques. I’ve never been a runner, but I think I might like it. Unfortunately, I tend to hurt myself when I’ve tried in the past.  

I met with one coach a while back, he gave me some tips and told me to watch some of these videos. Good stuff.

I then went to the gym and practiced!

Posted Aug 17, 11

Getting started

In 20 months, I will turn 40. Wow.

I need to eat better, get more exercise and, of course, lose weight.

I want to be Fit by 40.

And, I am going to Tumble my way there. Follow along if you would like.

Posted Aug 16, 11